Maya Angelou and The Paradox of the Sacred Whore

It is so often a hidden history that we are denied as people of color; as magical people and to see it not only honored but without shame (for Angelou was NEVER ashamed of her work, quite the opposite) that is the refresher we need in our live. We need to know that we can own our sexuality. That we can own the bodies we inhabit. We can wrest that power from the ghost of imperialism, colonization, and supremacy to a standard we know was not designed for us, or includes us.

This is part of our body, the legacy of our magic on earth. Embrace it!


Editor’s Note: Dr. Maya Angelou joined the world of the ancestors on May 28th, 2014. In celebration of her life and work and in keeping with our mission, I thought it would be useful to ask several sex radical women, Akynos ShekeraAmanda Love and Dr. Loraine Hutchins, to share their thoughts about Dr. Angelou, who had among her many professional experiences worked as a Calypso singer, shake dancer, madame, and sex worker, highlighting this work and making connections to their own experience and work. The results were these wonderful articles. 

Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?
– Maya Angelou, “Still I Rise”

Dear Maya Angelou,

Your passing in May sent me back to reading your work including Letters To My Daughter. I knew your positive triumph over your abusive childhood, the outrages of racism and…

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